Announcing the IceLab Multidisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellowships

With financial support from the Kempe Foundations, IceLab now invites applications from multidisciplinary research teams for three multidisciplinary research projects

Many challenging research questions exist in the under-explored terrain between traditional disciplines. The Integrated Science Lab (IceLab) works to promote and facilitate transdisciplinary collaborations – with a focus on research that integrates theoretical, computational, and empirical work.

IceLab has been helping new ideas spark between researchers successfully with the Lunch Pitches and other initiatives, but the current multidisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship program goes several steps farther.  IceLab is pleased to invite teams of two or more researchers to submit novel multidisciplinary project proposals, to help get a new project going that needs novel collaboration across disciplines and methodologies.

The top three selected projects will each access funding for a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship. These shared postdoctoral fellows, supervised by multidisciplinary teams of researchers spanning departments at Umeå University or the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, will enable new collaborations to grow from an idea into tangible new research.

Excited about IceLab and wish you could join us as a team member? Our researchers often have opportunities for Master’s students, PhD scholarships and Postdoctoral Fellowships.  Browse our currently open positions or contact a researcher directly and see what options we have for you.

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