In memory of Carl Kempe

Permanent secretary, Kempe foundations

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Carl Kempe. Carl was integral in shaping our creative culture for disseminating model thinking across various disciplines. As the permanent secretary of the Kempe Foundations, and through his unwavering personal commitment, Carl truly made a difference. His encouragement to apply for funding for multidisciplinary postdocs allowed us to connect researchers from diverse fields, resulting in nine successful collaborations, soon to be twelve. 

Carl’s dedication to interdisciplinary research was further demonstrated when he reached out to explore ways he could best support multidisciplinary activities at Umeå University. Countless researchers have benefited from Carl’s generosity and vision, and his legacy will continue to help IceLab thrive for years to come. 

 We will remember Carl with immense gratitude and respect for everything he has contributed to our community.