Meet Liubov Guseva

Liubov Guseva is a Master’s student working on a project with Martin Rosvall and Infobaleen on forecasting of financial data

When did you start your Master’s project?

March 2022.

What led you to do your master’s in IceLab, with Martin Rosvall?

I found Martin’s publications while searching for interesting topics for my master’s thesis. After a meeting with him I got really interested in what Infobaleen is working with. He suggested a project to me after my interests and it was a perfect fit.

What are you researching?

I am working with/researching forecasting of financial data.

Why is this important or interesting?

It is a really interesting topic for me since there is an infinite development potential. It is a challenge for every day to improve different models to work better and better and make better predictions.

What do you think the most interesting thing is that you have learned so far about your project, or a result from your work?

The most interesting thing about this project is that there are many different aspects to take into account. There is a huge amount of research to take part in and I learn something new every day.

Favorite part of working in IceLab?

My favorite part of working in IceLab is the open environment where it is easy to interact with others and one can always ask for help.

What are you thinking of doing next?

I haven’t really decided yet, but I’m definitely going to stay in Umeå!

What do you nerd out on in your personal life?

Before university I was competing in Alpine skiing, and that is still a big passion of mine. Pretty much any activity outdoors is fun to do in free time.

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