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IceLab is the nexus connecting researchers from across disciplines, bringing them together by sharing ideas and using quantitative tools to approach problems. The opportunities to get involved with IceLab are numerous.  Present an open project you are working on, connect with other researchers, apply for an open position, or collaborate with us. We invite you to reach out to us and become part of our network.

Join IceLab

Excited about IceLab and wish you could join us as a team member? Our researchers often have plenty of opportunities for Master’s students, PhD scholarships and Postdoctoral Fellowships.  When you join IceLab, you join an open and collaborative work environment designed to boost your interests and knowledge while exposing you to different ways of thinking.  You’ll join a flat work environment where everyone’s opinions and ideas are valid and welcomed.

Browse our currently open positions or contact a researcher directly and see what options we have for you.


The fossil record, social networks, phytoplankton, DNA folding, microbial economics, invasive species, and antibiotic resistance. IceLab research covers a wide array of scientific questions and traverses scientific disciplines. However, all IceLab research shares a common feature: an application of mathematical modeling techniques to scientific questions. By adopting a quantitative approach, our researchers can communicate across disciplines and identify new and exciting opportunities for collaborations and discovery.

Broadly, IceLab research uses approaches from eco-evolutionary modelling, network science, and biophysical modelling to carry out interdisciplinary work.  Our researchers are always looking for new opportunities to carry out new research or to connect researchers from our networks and help them launch a collaborative effort.  Do you have an open question or a dataset you’d like some creative collaboration on? Get in touch with us today.

Event Experiments

Here in IceLab we love creating opportunities for minds to meet and mesh.  We want open ideas and methods to transcend traditional disciplines and find new paths together through our event experiments.  We are looking for you to bring your brain to bear on these!

  • IceLab Camp

    IceLab Camp offers promising early career scientists from multiple disciplines the opportunity to bridge the traditional departmental boundaries of universities and initiate new cross-disciplinary collaborations.

  • Open Project Pitches

    For the love of new ideas, IceLab created the Lunch Pitches, also known as Open Project Pitches. These pitches promote meetings between researchers from different institutions and disciplines, with the vision of letting ideas grow and new collaborations arise.

  • Hive Talk

    A Hive Talk gives  you the chance to sketch out an incipient research idea and brainstorm about it with IceLabbers.  A very informal environment contributes to an open, easy chat about research directions.

  • Datasets and Tech

    Do you know of an interesting dataset (maybe yours, maybe open data) that is ripe for some research? In this activity, a presenter introduces a dataset they find interesting and opens up a discussion to brainstorm research ideas.

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