2021 IceLab Multidisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellowship Call Opens April 20th

IceLab once again invites applications from multidisciplinary research teams for three multidisciplinary research projects

In between traditional disciplines lies an under-explored landscape of interesting research questions. Members of IceLab love to roam around this uncharted territory, integrating theoretical, computational and empirical work. They also love to invite other researchers to experience the joy of transdisciplinary collaboration for themselves, through Lunch Pitches, IceLab Camp, and the multidisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship program launched in 2020 with financial support from the Kempe foundation.

Now this fellowship program is opening up for 2021, and teams of two or more researchers are invited to submit novel multidisciplinary project proposals, to help get a new project going that needs novel collaboration across disciplines and methodologies.

The top three selected projects will each access funding for a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship. These shared postdoctoral fellows, supervised by multidisciplinary teams of researchers spanning departments at Umeå University or the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, will enable new collaborations to grow from an idea into tangible new research.

Due to the pandemic, IceLab has not held its Lunch Pitches, usually a great incubator for sparking new collaborations. To offset that loss and to offer researchers who don’t yet have a collaborative team set up a chance to meet other open-minded researchers, IceLab will be hosting an online open pitch session on April 20th on Zoom. Registration is open now for the pitch session here: Looking for a collaborator? IceLab Open Pitch Session

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