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Lunch Pitches: For the Love of New Ideas

IceLab created the Lunch Pitches as a way to bridge gaps between scientific disciplines and encourage new collaborative efforts. Think of the pitches as an idea collider. You’ve been working on a project just recently, or it’s something you’ve had on the back burner but haven’t been able to get off the ground.  Take the essence of your work, slim it down to its core question and present that to a diverse, interested interdisciplinary gathering all happily munching on free sandwiches. You take 5 minutes presenting and then the rest of the lunch hour letting the ideas flow in between you and the audience in small group discussions.  The most important thing is to reach a broad audience with a question, challenge, or method that will engage as many as possible. The Pitches were inspired by the NABC method to communicate ideas out of the Stanford Research Institute.

Watch prior pitches here.  Read on below for summaries of past pitches and to sign up!

2024 Lunch Pitches

Every other Wednesday during the Spring

Dates: 14-Feb, 28-Feb, 13-Mar, 27-Mar, 10-Apr, 24-Apr, 8-May, 22-May, 5-Jun, 19-Jun


  • Think Big Picture – You want to reach a broad audience with your question to engage as many people in open discussion after your presentation.

  • Specific Question – Follow up your big picture question with a more specific question if you need to.

  • Lay Off the Slides – Ideally, you should be able to give this presentation with at MOST 5 slides: one slide for a hook, summarising the problem. One slide for a need that explains the basic problem. One slide for where you are in solving the problem. One slide with what you think you need at this stage. A final slide summarising the question.

  • 5 Minutes Max – Keep people’s focus and avoid getting too technical by giving a short and sweet pitch.

  • Sign Up – Get in touch with Gabrielle Beans to sign up to give a pitch:

Lunch Pitch Posts

Summaries of past IceLab lunch pitches

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