Symmetries and Optimization

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Symmetries in math biology and Optimization May 17, 2022 Watch Lunch Pitch Video First Pitcher: Fredrik Ohlsson, Associate professor at Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Umeå University Not just a pretty face: Symmetries in mathematical biology Symmetries are an important and ubiquitous concept in [...]

Forest canopies, children’s tastes, and new bioinformatic tools

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In search of collaborators to study forest canopies, childrens' tastes and new bioinformatic tools April 26, 2022 Three researchers pitched projects during the IceLab multidisciplinary postdoctoral project call information session. They are seeking project partners to complete their teams and submit a project together for the call. Find out more about [...]

IceLab Relaunches Lunch Pitches

By |2022-02-22T09:53:43+01:00February 22nd, 2022|

IceLab relaunches the Lunch Pitches starting March 1st 2022 after a two year gap IceLab relaunches the Lunch Pitches March 1st with two pitches from Merve Yesilbas and Signe Lundqvist on Mars and Motion. The Integrated Science Lab (IceLab) launched the Lunch Pitches in 2015, with the aim [...]

April 20 Open Pitch Session

By |2021-05-11T15:54:27+02:00May 11th, 2021|

IceLab Open Pitches for the IceLab Multidisciplinary Postdoctoral Project Call April 20, 2021 In this pitch session researchers who had not identified a research partner, either to collaborate on an application for the IceLab multidisciplinary postdoctoral project call, or in general for future collaboration, presented a 5 minute pitch.  [...]

Lunch Pitch: Plants sticking together and Algae fighting climate change

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Plants sticking together and algae fighting climate change with Stéphane Verger and Christiane Funk February 4, 2020 Watch Lunch Pitch Video First Pitcher: Stéphane Verger, Assistant Professor at Umeå Plant Science Center, SLU. How do Plants Achieve Multicellularity? Most of the plants that we see [...]

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