Meet Florian Heyder and Alexander Lindström, Master’s students at IceLab

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Florian Heyde and Alexander Lindström work on the projects supervised by Ludvig Lizana, senior lecturer at Department of Physics, IceLab. Here they tell us about their experiences. Florian  Exchange Master’s student in Technical Physics, Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany I am currently doing my 'Advanced Project in Physics' supervised by Ludvig Lizana, and Rikard [...]

Meet Hugo Harlin, Master’s student in Engineering Physics

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Meet Hugo Harlin, Master’s student in Engineering Physics, Uppsala University, Sweden. Find out from him why he chose to do his Master’s thesis project at IceLab. "I would strongly recommend other students to do their thesis project at Icelab if they are interested in theoretical biology/ecosystems." Background My background is in engineering and computer [...]

Lunch Pitches with Domenique André, Marcus Klaus and Olena Rzhepishevska

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Acoustics, Flowering time and  Small molecules April 2, 2019 Watch Lunch Pitches Video First Pitcher: Marcus Klaus,Postdoctor at Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Umeå University Title: How acoustics can advance and communicate (aquatic) science Most humans rely on their eyes more than on their ears – and so do most [...]

Lunch Pitches with Raoul Theler, Jing Helmersson and Madelen Bodin

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Life satisfaction, science communication, and unobserved variables March 19, 2019 Watch Lunch Pitches Video First Pitcher: Raoul Theler, Visiting researcher at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE) Title: How to deal with confounding unobserved variables in data The independence between instruments and individual unobserved characteristics is a traditional condition, [...]

Lunch Pitch with Eduardo Gracia and Per Stenberg

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Nanoscale Beauty and Complete Biodiversity December 11, 2018 Watch Lunch Pitches Video First Pitcher: Eduardo Gracia, Associate senior lecturer (assistant professor) at Department of Physics, Umeå University Title: Beauty at the Nanoscale Symmetry in nature is generally associated with attractive and healthy individuals, and at the nanoscale, symmetric nanomaterials are [...]

Lunch Pitch with András Bota and Niklas Lundström

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Modelling Spreading Processes and  Optimal Management Strategies January 22, 2019 Watch Lunch Pitches Video First Pitcher: András Bota, Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Physics, Umeå University Title: Modelling spreading processes in epidemics, economics and social networks Networks can serve as the basis of infection or diffusion processes. This is a well-studied [...]

Lunch Pitch with Judith Sarneel and Ivan Monich

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Tea Tales and Artificial Environment February 19, 2019 Watch Lunch Pitches Video First Pitcher: Judith Sarneel, Researcher at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Umeå University Title: Tea Tales: what can tea bags tell us about decomposition? With an international team, we developed a standardized method to measure decomposition. [...]

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