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Research Engineer.

Using networks to decipher plant stress.

Loves exploring new ideas.

Viktor Jonsson grew up on a farm in the deep forests of northern Dalsland. 30+ years later he has put tractors on hold and turned into a biostatistician with a broad interest in statistical modelling and drawing conclusions from real data. He began his scientific career in Gothenburg where he did a PhD in mathematical statistics developing and testing methods for analysing metagenomes, finishing in 2017. This was followed by two years working for the Swedish National Bioinformatics Infrastructure analysing data from a wide range of sources. Finally, he joined IceLab in the summer of 2019 where he is to apply network tools to decipher the regulatory responses in plants under stress.

When not at IceLab Viktor can be found on the night train between Gothenburg and Umeå or with a hammer in hand doing home improvements in Gothenburg. If you would like to strike up a conversation with him topics ranging from psychology and the state of democracy to contemporary dance and opera all would be a good start.

Current Projects

  • Decoding Signalling Networks Controlling Plant Stress Responses

    Martin Rosvall (IceLab), Matilda Rentoft (IceLab)

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