Lunch Pitches with Raoul Theler, Jing Helmersson and Madelen Bodin

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Life satisfaction, science communication, and unobserved variables March 19, 2019 Watch Lunch Pitches Video First Pitcher: Raoul Theler, Visiting researcher at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE) Title: How to deal with confounding unobserved variables in data The independence between instruments and individual unobserved characteristics is a traditional condition, [...]

Lunch Pitch with András Bota and Niklas Lundström

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Modelling Spreading Processes and  Optimal Management Strategies January 22, 2019 Watch Lunch Pitches Video First Pitcher: András Bota, Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Physics, Umeå University Title: Modelling spreading processes in epidemics, economics and social networks Networks can serve as the basis of infection or diffusion processes. This is a well-studied [...]

Lunch Pitch with Christopher Blöcker and Timotheus Kampik

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Dynamic Public Transport Networks in Smart Cities and Coercion and Deception in Persuasive Technologies Watch Lunch Pitches Video Lunch Pitches is a series of short talks and discussion, held every other week,  as a way to bridge gaps between scientific disciplines and encourage new collaborative efforts. January 8, 2019 [...]

Cell Biology Pitches: Tumors, Imaging, Tissue Formation and Genotoxins

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Cell Biology Pitches: Tumors, Imaging, Tissue Formation and Genotoxins A new twist on an IceLab classic Adapted from IceLab’s popular lunch pitches, we recently hosted an Open Project Pitch session at the KBC Cell Biology Symposium, May 30-31 2018. Similarly to the Lunch Pitches, speakers were asked to pick a [...]

IceLab’s First Lunch Pitch

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Coverage of IceLab's first Lunch Pitch In order to promote meetings between researchers from different institutions and disciplines, Icelab organizes multidisciplinary research presentations with the vision of letting ideas grow and new collaborations arise. The first lunch pitch was held November 14th, 2015, with Martin Rosvall speaking on the topic [...]

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